The weather has changed, and while I’m glad it’s wintery, my skin is not so happy.  My face is in desperate need of moisture, but I also need to be careful not to go too heavy or I’ll break out. Lame, I know.  Since loading up on a heavier night cream is out of the question, I’ve opted for a face oil instead. Most face oils are light enough to use year ’round but I’ve found my favorite one that not only gives me moisture but also balances my skin so that break outs are a thing of the past.

Beautycounter’s Lustro Face Oils smell and feel amazing.  They even have 3 different formulas designed for different skin types, and are completely void of any harmful chemicals linked to human health issues. Score! I opted for number three, which aids in balancing out skin tone and helps with everything from acne, to rosacea and eczema. The second face oil is more of an anti-ager and for people with very dry skin.   And their number one face oil is geared towards the super sensitive.

All three are thin enough to apply morning and night but you can reapply throughout the day for added moisture.  I even use it as a makeup primer – leaving my skin supple and soft – the perfect canvas for foundation. pdp-faceoilcollection_selling-shot_528x962


Fall is pretty much here (except for the 90 degree heat in SoCal right now).  Pumpkin spice lattes are abundant, and Halloween stores are stocking up for the holiday. I’m all about fall makeup and while a dark lip can be worn year ’round, I tend to break it out more in the cooler months.  Groomed brows and dark lashes are all you need to pull off bold lips. It’s appropriate for day as well as night, and can be sheered out by blotting if you’re not quite ready to commit.  I’ve rounded up my current faves from balms to glosses.


From top left:
ILIA Lipgloss in ‘Gypsy’
Bésame Classic Color Lipsticks in ‘Red Noir 1930’
Lipstick Queen Cupid’s Bow in ‘Apollo’
Beautycounter Lip Sheer in ‘Raisin’
RMS Lip2Cheek in ‘Diabolique’


It’s nearly back to school time – mamas rejoice!  Summer has been fantastic but let’s face it, you can’t wait for school to start.  My little one is starting preschool in September, and while part of me is sad, I must admit, it will be nice to have the mornings off!  What better way to start the new school year, by sending the kiddos to class with a gift for their teacher.  They take care of all the crazy so that you can have some much needed quiet time, and showing your appreciation is always welcomed. Below are a few beauty themed, budget-friendly ideas that will send (at least you) to the head of the class.

beautycounter-hand-cream-and-hand-wash-set_citrus-mimosa_9.5oz-1534x1168Beautycounter Hand Wash and Hand Cream Set – Teachers are constantly washing their hands (all those germy kiddos!), so they can either set these up in their classroom or take them home. Not only do they smell lovely, but both products are completely chemically safe, making them a great option for kids and adults alike!


Spafinder Gift Card – Treat your child’s teacher to a massage or mani/pedi.  Or maybe he or she has been dying to try a new Yoga class. With these gift cards, they can use them towards hundreds of different businesses in their area.


DIY Body Scrub – Food is always appreciated, but why not make a wonderfully smelling body scrub that they can take home?  There are so many wonderful recipes and ideas online that require little time.  You’ll probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard.


Poppy And Someday Marfa Moon Mist – School days can be are chaotic.  This handmade bottle of organic aromatherapy, can be misted on the body or used as a room spray to calm their mind and the classroom.


STATE Bags ‘Clinton’ Pencil Case – This adorable water resistant case can be used for anything from pencils and pens to sunglasses and cosmetics.  You can even fill it with a few desk necessities like lip balm, breath mints, and hand sanitizer.  And you can feel extra good about this one.  For every bag purchased, STATE will hand-deliver a backpack – filled with tools for success – to an American child in need.