Most people that know me, know that Halloween is my fave holiday. I love all the festivities from the costumes to the pumpkin carving, to the haunted houses.  I usually give my costume quite a bit of thought, but this year, I’m putting most of my efforts into my son’s, since it’s the first year he’s gotten really excited. So I’ll most likely be pulling together something last minute.  I realize for many, the last minute costume is the route of choice, so I’ve picked a few makeup kits that require little thought and are super easy to use.

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Palette
The most expensive of the bunch, but the colors are so amazing and you can mix them into any configuration. You can use it for everything from mixing lip colors, to painting your whole face.


Graftobian Vampire Makeup Kit
This easy, classic kit is great for yourself or a couple’s costume.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.02.27 PM

Black Cat Face Decal
Does it get any easier than slapping on some face decals? Add some lashes and you’re done!



Broken Doll Makeup Kit
Another easy to use kit, with a freaky edge. You can also skip the decals to keep it cutesy.



One thought on “HALLOWEEN KITS

  1. Oh how I love Halloween as well. This is one of my favorite holiday too especially when attending Halloween party with your costume on. And the makeup of the attendees are just awesome. I did my own makeup too for this event and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing this Halloween kit. Hopefully, I can have exactly like this for the next Halloween holiday.

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