SWEATY BETTY: Aluminum Free Deodorants Part 2


Last summer I did a deodorant test where I swapped my normal favorite for an aluminum-free option.  I tried 5 but only 2 came out on top.  Since then, I made the permanent switch to safer deodorants and have now tested a few more.  I’ve come to realize that while I love the idea of using chemically-safe and natural alternatives, I tend to have to switch them up every few months.  Hormonal changes, as well as dietary shifts, and seasonal weather effect how my body reacts to deodorant.  So to eliminate the dreaded midday pit test, I’ve compiled my top 4 favorite that both my husband and I use without trepidation.

716wD0TI1gL._SY606_Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant – Virtually odorless and works like a charm. CDM_10612Le Couvent des Minimes Everyday Deodorant – Goes on clear, and is pleasantly fragrant.

61Zls7dMnfL._SY355_Green Tidings Unscented All-Natural Deodorant – Available in different size options, which is great for travel or throwing in your purse on those extra hot days.

LVI-86319-1Lavilin Fragrance Free Roll-On Deodorant – Another odorless option that is available at many Whole Foods, which is convenient.

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