Have you ever attacked a zit that you thought was no big deal, but then turned into a very big deal because you couldn’t leave it alone? We’ve all been there (and to the ones that have no idea what I’m talking about, I either applaud you for not touching your face, or loathe you for never having had a zit.) Now instead of a little bump, you’re left with a sore, open bump. Sweeeeeet. We’re often told what to put on our face when we have a zit emerging, but what do you do when you’ve already “gone to town”?

First things first, ice it. Take a cube wrapped in a paper towel or plastic bag, and place it directly on the zit.  This will help take the swelling down as well as help with redness.

Use a toner or witch hazel to gently clean and disinfect the area.

It’s now open, so you need to treat it the same way you would treat a wound. Apply a small amount of anti-bacterial cream like Neosporin or my personal fave, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, to help it heal.  If you’re a back sleeper, simply let it air out, but if you know you might end up on your face, you might want to use a small bandage to keep it from wiping off on your pillow.

Do not pick again. It’s now trying to heal, so picking at any scabs will only make matters worse. You’ll be left with a scar, and who needs a constant reminder of that bad boy?

So the next time you feel a zit coming up, remember to take a warm compress to the skin to help draw out any impurities and try NOT to touch it.  But if you must (and I know, I know…you MUST!) pop it, wait until there is a white head, and gently press with light pressure using fingers wrapped in tissue.  Minimize the aftermath by being as gentle as you can!


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