My face has definitely cleared up, but since I have combination skin, areas like my chin and nose are prone to zits.  I always tend to get a couple during “that time of the month”, and the hot summer days – with sunscreen and sweat – tend to make matters worse.

I was recently working with a model who had uh-mazing zit-free skin and she told me about her secret. She didn’t always have beautiful skin but found a wonderful drawing salve that had made a remarkable difference in her skin, leaving her practically blemish-free for life.  I was skeptical at first but had heard about drawing salves and how women had been using them forever to give them smooth, glowing skin.

Pureremedy’s Acne Relief put simply, is a miracle worker. It’s solid form immediately melts on your fingertips and glides on smooth, with a slight medicinal but pleasant smell of echinacea, elderberry bark, lavender, and calendula. It can be used as a blemish treatment and to prevent future breakouts.  Simply spread a thin layer on the areas you want, and leave overnight. I find it a little too greasy to use during the day, but you could absolutely dab a tiny amount on to help heal under makeup.  I love that they are chemical free, and my scars from previous spots have started to fade a bit.  It truly is my new obsession!


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