When it comes to concealers, sometimes it’s hard to choose which ones you need.  Aside from consistency, there are different problems to combat: under-eyes, blemishes, skin discoloration, etc.  But what if you need something for everything?  That’s where concealer palettes come in extra handy.  Have dark circles?  Did a pesky zit pop up?  Do you have redness?  Palettes and wheels are one-stop shopping for all your concealing needs.  Just remember to choose the opposite shade on the color wheel to neutralize what you need fixing. For example, green is the opposite of red, so use green on blemishes, and redness.  Once you dab the color in the area that needs coverage, simply apply your normal  concealer on top, and finish with a loose setting powder.  Voila! Skin issues begone!

Here’s a little guide to help you navigate which color does what:

Green combats red for spot concealing blemishes, rosacea, etc.
Yellow fixes uneven skin tone and helps hide bruises and veins.
Pink and Purple brightens sallow, yellow, and olive skin tones.
Peach combats dark circles and brightens under eyes.
Orange hides pigmentation and under eye circles on darker skin tones.

Lise Watier Portfolio Professionals Corrector

camouflageMake Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette



Nyx Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer propalettecorrectconcealNapoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer

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