Letting my hair air-dry produces a mixed bag of emotions.  On the one side, it’s easy – like, so easy. But on the other side, I risk weird waves and frizz.  I don’t have wash and go hair, so I count on certain products to make me look more then half decent when time isn’t on my side.  In the hot summer months using a blowdryer and flat iron is not only time consuming (and oh so hot), but damaging as well.  So, air drying i s optimal but not without the right products.  I love a good salt spray, and for the DIY-ers out there, I’ll do a post on how to make your own next week.  The salty texture takes your otherwise frizzy and out of control mane, to cool, beachy waves.  Simply spray a bit in either wet or dry hair, and for the straighter haired gals, scrunch up to create some waves.  If you already have waves, simply spritz and twist your hair into a loose bun or just let it air dry.  You can re-spritz for a mid-day pick me up, and again in the evening for added tousledness (that’s a new word).   And if you want to get even more of a wave, spray your hair, make a loose braid, and take it down once your hair has totally dried.  Below I’ve listed my top 5, so get spritzing!

SaltSpraysFrom left to right:
R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray, John Masters’ Organics Sea Mist, Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion, Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist, Sachajuan Ocean Mist





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