I’m always looking for healthier products to incorporate into my routine, and my new project is finding a mascara that has a good rating on EWG. If you haven’t heard of EWG, it stands for Environmental Working Group, and it’s a great source for looking up hazardous ratings on skincare and cosmetics. (And you’d be surprised how low your favorite brands score!) Mascara is my island necessity. As in, if I was stuck on a desert island and could only bring a few things, mascara would be up there (ok, it’s not taking the place of a cell tower or a jackknife, but if I could pick 20 things, it would definitely make the cut). 

I know there are plenty of “natural” mascaras out there but finding one that I LOVE is hard. Like needle-in-a-haystack hard. So, in the next couple weeks, I’ll be testing out 4-5 mascaras and I’ll report back with my results! 

4 thoughts on “MISSION: MASCARAS 

  1. I just love the layout of your blog (and your logo)! A lot of people have been talking about this mascara lately, but have you heard of Younique’s 3D lash mascara? I’ve taken their 14 day challenge and omg this stuff is awesome you should try it with me! If you like it you can challenge your friends or if not return it for a full refund (they don’t care if you used it)! I explain it more in my blog post: https://gratefulnerd.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/14-day-challenge/ I literally don’t need a curler anymore (you can see in my video post: https://gratefulnerd.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/sayonara-eyelash-curler/). It is $29, but it is worth every penny and is literally the only mascara I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my eyes 😉

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