Over the years I’ve tried so many skin products from cleansers to masks to eye creams and everything in between.  Since having my son, Jack (and ok, fine…age), I’ve had to hunker down and really find what works for me and my skin.  I realized that in order to regulate my breakouts, I needed to keep my skin hydrated.  I use to over-dry my skin to try to combat the breakouts, but my sebaceous glands just started to produce more sebum (oil), which created more breakouts.  See how that works?

As a makeup artist I regularly get asked what I use on my skin, so I’m going to share my nighttime and daytime routine. It’s gotten quite lengthy, but it’s made a total difference in the appearance of my skin.  And while I can’t promise my products won’t change (after all I’m a beauty junky!), I’m sticking with these ones for now.

Nighttime:  Since I usually wear some type of makeup, I start by soaking a cotton pad in some Bioderma Crealine and take all my eye makeup off.  If I’m not wearing anything else on my face, I’ll simply wipe the Bioderma all over my face and skip the cleanser.  Otherwise, I’ll then cleanse my face with Evologie’s Stay Clear Cleanser.  Every other day, I’ll use my Clarisonic with a sensitive brush head.  After patting my face dry, I’ll soak another cotton pad in Sanitas’ Hydrating Toner and wipe that all over my face.  Letting that dry, I’ll pat on my eye cream, which is currently Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm.  I follow up with Goldfaden MD Vital Boost – Even Skintone Daily Moisturizer.  If I’m feeling extra dry, I’ll pat in some Rodial Super-Food Facial Oil.  Two to three times a week, I use the Glossier Mask Duo, which helps detox and hydrate my skin.  For any pesky pimples that come up, my last step would be to dab on a little of Evologie’s Intensive Blemish Serum.

If you’re still willing to read on, I’ll share my morning routine, which is much shorter, I promise!

Daytime:  When I wake up, my skin usually feels hydrated, but in need of a wash, so I use a little Evologie Cleanser to start fresh.  Next I follow up with the Sanitas’ toner, a small amount of Algenist eye cream, and then I pat in a vitamin C serum, which I get from my facialist at Illume Spa in Los Angeles. Once that has dried (I’ll brush my teeth in between), I pat in some of the Goldfaden MD moisturizer and finish with my Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30.

Phew! Sounds like a lot, but I swear, all these steps have made a huge difference.  I’ll do whatever it takes to put my best face forward!


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