I’m very much in favor of anything that speeds up my morning makeup routine.  Having a toddler means virtually zero alone time, and these days the morning minutes seem to disappear virtually instantly.  Sometimes a little mascara and concealer just doesn’t cut it and I want to bring it up a notch.  This is where Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Color Chameleon’ Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil comes into play.  Since the pro makeup artist launched her new line, it’s been getting rave reviews.  I’m a fan of many of her products (and more reviews of the ones I like are to come), but I especially love the versatility of these pencils.  They glide on silky smooth and are  blendable, but stay put until you take them off.  You can sharpen them to a point for more of a precision liner, or smudge them all over the top and bottom lashes for a smokier look. So far I’m loving the bronzy “Amber Haze” color for my green eyes, but I definitely plan to pick up a few of (if not all!) the rest.


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