Yesterday was my birthday, and my hubby surprised me with a mid-week getaway!  A little sun, a little day drinking, and a big breakout.  Unfortunately, the sunscreen/sweat combo wreaked havoc on my skin and I woke up with little bumps around my nose and chin.  So not chic. Luckily, I have a power duo that really makes a difference when my skin needs a  detox.  Glossier’s mask duo pack a major punch in their jars.  The first is called the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and the second is called the Moisturizing Moon Mask.  You can use them separately, but I find that they work best when paired together.  Just make sure you start about an hour before bedtime because this isn’t your “5 minute” mask situation.

I start by cleansing my skin (in this case, I used an exfoliating cleanser to slough off dead skin), and then while it’s still slightly damp, apply a reasonably thick layer of the Mega Greens everywhere but the eye area.  This mask is awesome at sucking out all the yucky stuff, and leaving you with clean, fresh skin.  It has white kaolin clay and a ton of antioxidant super foods in it, so it’s the “ultimate skin detox”.  I whole-heartily agree.  Let it sit for about 20-30 mins (or at least until it’s dry to the touch) and then rinse off.  I follow with a layer of the Moon Mask, which feels super luxurious and hydrating.  I let that soak into my skin for about 20-30 mins and then rinse off.  I follow with a light moisturizer and spot treat any really stubborn blemishes.  In the morning, my skin looks 100% better and I have that vacation glow, instead of the bumpy craziness that I started with!


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