I did it! I cut my hair.  Four inches shorter and it feels amaze-balls. Ok, so it’s not like I’ve cut a foot off or anything, but for those of you who’s long hair is your security blanket, then you know how big a deal this can be.  I have now entered the world of the mid-length ladies.  It’s a long lob, if you will.  I posted a little while back that I was having problems with thinning hair from my wacky hormones, and collected styles because I was contemplating a chop. Well, I can now say that I no longer feel like I have 10 hairs on my head.  My new length is more blunt and creates an illusion of fullness.  And, I have found the best mousse for my new ‘do.  Oribe Graniose Hair Plumping Mousse really delivers.  It’s light and airy and creates fullness without leaving my hair sticky or crunchy.  Plus, it has that oh-so-fab signature scent.  It’s best used before a blow-dry but I can say that it works wonders on air-dried hair as well.  Cue sigh of relief.


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