Wedding season is upon us.  Most of us are either A. getting married, B. a bridesmaid, or C. attending a wedding this year.  If you’re not in any of those categories, then lucky you.  But for the rest of us that have a fridge full of invites and save the dates, it’s always handy to know what to pack in that little bag to keep you looking fine and fresh for the big day.


Concealer:  Either you need a little touch up from crying during the ceremony, or you have a zit that popped up to say hello.

Bobby Pins:  Stash a few of these guys for fallen up-dos or for pinning some hair out of your face during your (drunk) dancing.

Mini Hairspray:  You’re inevitably going to need a little “jujjing”.

Blotting Papers:  De-slick your t-zone without piling on more makeup.

Tinted Lip Balm: Gloss gets goopy, and lipstick can leave a ring around your lips, so I like a tinted lip balm for a hint of color and moisture.

Deodorant:  Weddings are hot.  They just are.

Pain Reliever:  Never a bad idea to have a stash of these.  Especially for the morning after.

Breath Mints:  No explanation needed.

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