No-fuss, “I just woke up like this hair”, is everywhere from runways to the red carpet.  And while many girls can simply spritz a little beach spray in their hair and go (lucky you!), the rest of the world is a slave to the iron.  But if you only have 10 minutes and want to give those tresses a more natural look, then this might be the perfect solution for you.  No-iron waves are easy to achieve and all you need is a little mousse, some hair rubber bands, and a blow dryer.  Read below to get step by step instructions on how to achieve beachy, no-fuss, lived-in hair.

no-iron waves

1.  Start with dry hair and rake in a mousse from roots to ends.
2.  Next make two braids on either side of your head.  The size of the braid will determine how tight or loose the waves are, so make more braids for tighter waves, or less braids for looser ones.  My friend Stephanie chose the looser route in the pics above.
3.  Take the blow dryer to each braid and dry them completely.  The longer you can leave them in the braids, the more wave you’ll end up with.
4.  When you think they are done and dry, remove the braids and shake out your hair.  For added volume, change the part.  Voila! Beachy, no-fuss, natural waves.

One thought on “NO-IRON WAVES

  1. I love this no-heat curling method, I used to do it all the time when my hair was long. But now it is shorter I have find another way to curl my hair without using heat.

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