I’ve been a slave to my long locks for quite a while.  I briefly joined the “lob” club in college but my 2001 curly ‘do wasn’t exactly chic.  Now that I’ve been struggling with postpartum hair loss (which I wrote about here), I’m reconsidering these newly wispy strands.  I might be holding on to my long hair because I’m afraid of change (and afraid of that christmas tree head again…eek).  So, in an effort to practice what I preach, and since the “lob” is still very much on trend, I’ve pulled some pics for hairspiration and I’m contemplating the big snip.  When I finally decide cut my hair I’ll post a before and after, but for now, I’m simply going to covet all these other ladies’ effortless looking cuts and pray that whatever I decide to do is at least better then what I’m currently sporting.

Haircuts-15 Haircuts-20 b7ff4f99a825e777c56de4041eb5d71e Haircuts-14


One thought on “TO CHOP OR NOT TO CHOP

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