My amazingly talented cousin Claire, is the master-mind behind The Kitchy Kitchen.  It’s filled with wonderful recipes, lifestyle tips, beautiful photography, and a collaboration with yours truly.  I’m so excited to be a part of her monthly beauty series and this month I show you how to wear rosy pink makeup.  Check out the article on her blog, and read below!

February is the month of love and all things roses.  Punch up your regular routine by adding some pink to your makeup routine.  Wearing pink makeup sounds scary (and totally can be!) but using a light touch and the right products, will give you that romantic rosy glow, whether you’re looking for love or have already found it.

Pink Eyeshadow Palette
Cream Blush
Pink Lip Stain

Swipe a slightly shimmery pink shadow across your lid. Deepen the outer corners by adding definition with a slightly darker shade.  Add black mascara for drama but skip the liner.  Apply a rosy cream blush to the apples of your cheeks.  Finish with a brighter pink lip with a moisturizing stain.


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