As a professional makeup artist, I’m always getting asked what my go-to favorites are.  There’s many, but I’ve rounded up a list of the ones that I use most often and keep restocking in my kit.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat
– This concealer is wonderful for brightening up the eye area melts into the skin.  The  handy pen is easy to use and looks pretty on a counter.

Laura-Mercier-Translucent-Loose-Setting-PowderLaura Mercier Loose Setting Powder – I don’t use powder on everyone but when I do, this is great on the t-zone where you’d want to tone down shine and doesn’t leave a chalky residue.


Bioderma Crealine No-Rinse Eye and Face Cleanser – There’s a reason most makeup artists carry this in their kit.  It’s gentle formula takes everything off and doesn’t leave an oily residue, which is a must.

402857_in_ppLucas’ Papaw Ointment – The healing properties in this fermented papaya cream makes it an amazing skin salve.   I go through tons of this stuff at home and I carry their convenient tubes in my kit for everything from chapped lips to dry cuticles.

41cRaOLBJYL._SY355_Precision Makeup Applicators – Clean up is inevitable in some cases and I love the duality of these.  One end is great for cleaning up under the eyes and taking off eye makeup, and the pointed tip is perfect for precise cleaning around a bright lip or perfecting a cat eye.


Murad Hydrating Toner – This refreshing mist smells amazing and is a wonderful skin prep before moisturizer and foundation.

14698Beauty Blender – Another beauty industry fave, these egg-shaped sponges are wonderful for streak-free foundation, concealer, contour, cheeks, and more.  They are easy to clean and reduce waste by eliminating the need for disposable sponges.


Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm – These handy chubby sticks are great.  They come in a multitude of colors and can be used as a lipstick or blotted in as more of a stain.  They are cheap and easy to find, and clients covet these more then anything else in my kit.

SBS-240485Ardell Knot-Free Individual Lashes in Short and Medium – I love the knot-free ones because they blend seamlessly into the lash line.  You can add a couple on the ends or create a whole strip for a more intense look, but they always look good and real.


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – I love how this melts seamlessly into the skin and creates a flawless finish that looks like real skin.  It delivers a perfect, buildable canvas.


Avene Light Hydrating Cream – This light moisturizer soothes dry skin and leaves a buttery soft, but relatively matte surface.

lagunaNARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna – It’s a wonderful medium brown that works on most skin-tones and has just a tiny hint of shimmer which gives dimension and luminosity.


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – These bad boys are no longer sold in US stores but you can find them online. There’s a reason they consistently used to fly off shelves.  Their sleek design never pinches skin and a few pumps delivers the perfect curl, making eyes appear bigger and brighter.


Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm – Another client favorite, who doesn’t love a quick hand massage with an ultra moisturizing, non-greasy, amazing smelling cream?



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