Ever since having my son, my skin has been a roller coaster of hormonal madness. Breakouts one week, smooth skin another.  It’s hard to keep track, and I’ve been searching for a break out cream that won’t dry my skin out so much (especially in the colder months).  I was introduced to Evologie‘s line of skin care products and I instantly noticed a difference in my skin as soon as I started using it.  Their face wash is gentle and cleansing, but what really made a difference was the Intensive Blemish Serum.  It’s made with tea tree oil, which you can smell right off the bat (the scent doesn’t bother me, and actually smells refreshing).  One dab of this stuff on your blemishes and they’re gone in a couple days.  The best part is that the serum (as well as their other products) are moisturizing, so your skin is left soft and hydrated, without that dreaded “too dry and cracked” feeling you get when using other topical creams.

3 thoughts on “MONTHLY OBSESSION

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