Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  Pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and dress up parties are just a few of my fave things. So I’m really excited to share some costume ideas that won’t require anything but a dig through your closet and some makeup.  This week, I’m showing you how to make yourself look like a character from a comic book.  Since I’m going as Catwoman this year (the Julie Newmar comic book version, that is), I saved this one for last.  Just a few simple tricks will have you looking like a Lichtenstein in no time!


What You’ll Need:
Cream palette (or creamy pencils for drawing)
Black eyeliner pencil
Red Lipliner
Neutral eyeshadows
False lashes
Lash glue
Brushes for application


1. Swipe some neutral shadow on your eyelid. Then pop a darker color in the socket and outer corners for definition.  Blend upward and outward.
2. Add large false lashes and line your eyelids with a wing on the ends.
3. Draw lower lashes on the outer corners using your black eyeliner pencil or black cream makeup.
4. With your black eyeliner pencil, start drawing lines where your natural shadows would be, highlighting any lines to make them pop out (avoid drawing too many or you’ll start to look strange). To look sad or mad or happy (or whatever emotion you’d like), make sure to dramatize the eyebrows in the shape that brings out the emotion.
4. Fill in your lips with red lipliner.  Using a white pencil or dipping a small brush in white cream makeup, begin drawing diagonal dots all along your face and down your neck (to your collar). I added a teary eye for more drama using blue cream makeup.
5. Finish by popping on a bright colored top and make sure to work that pout!


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