Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  Pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and dress up parties are just a few of my fave things. So I’m really excited to share some costume ideas that won’t require anything but a dig through your closet and some makeup.  This Halloween post is also featured on ModCloth, which has lots more Halloween inspiration, and fun lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips, so check it out!


No fancy costume this year? No problem!  Simply pair this fun owl makeup with a simple dress and you’ll be the prettiest woodland creature at the party.

Things You’ll Need:
Brown and black eyeshadow
Black eyeliner pencil
Cream white and brown makeup
Feathery false lashes
Lash Glue
Makeup brushes for application


1. Start off by swiping brown or bronze shadow all across your lid, up to the brow bone and below your lower lash line. You can deepen the corners for added dimension, using black shadow in the outer corners.

2. Next, line your eyes with black liner, making sure to get between the lashes to make it really dark.  Line the waterline.

3. Taking a white pencil or dipping a brush in white cream makeup, start drawing feather-like strokes downward under your eyes, and upward from your eyebrow to your forehead.

4. Using a brown pencil or dipping a brush in brown cream makeup, draw small feathery strokes through the white to create the illusion of feathers, breaking up the white, all around your eyes and eyebrows.

5. With your black pencil, draw down the sides of your nose, draw a beak on the end of your nose, and definite any areas that need more drama.

6. If you’d like to add actual feathers (I picked up a bag of brown feathers for $4 at a craft store), simply dab some lash glue just above your eyebrows and place the feathers in a 45-degree angle towards your temples.

7. Finish off by adding dramatic feathered lashes and a nude lip.

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