OK, so this monthly obsession is more like a daily obsession.  I don’t wear a lot of makeup but you won’t catch me leaving the house without mascara.  It’s the mainstay of my routine.  I have tried SOOO many, and I’m constantly buying and trying to see if I can find something worth sharing.  But I still go back to my same tried and true Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes.

There are quite a few mascaras on the market that claim, and even deliver on their promise of bigger, longer lashes (and you can check out my top 10 faves by clicking here), but the Lancôme ones seem to consistently come out on top.  Beyond the tapered brush that gets my tiny corner lashes, the main reason is?  No fall out.  Some people struggle with raccoon eyes and dare I raise my hand?  I’m one of those peeps.  By 11 am I look like I’ve been crying for a week and a half. So, when I feel like trying a new mascara, I always make sure I still have some of my favorite kind (I’m also a fan of Lancôme Définicils) lingering around.


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