Brush cleaners – should you use them?  Soap? Shampoo? Brush cleaners work by spraying or dowsing the brush in a liquid formula that dries without having to use water.  Soap and shampoos require water and additional drying time.  Here’s how I see it:  brush cleaners are great for in-between use and travel.  You can do quick clean ups when you want to use a brush for two different uses (say, going from dark to light eyeshadow), and is great for cleaning your brushes on trips, when additional drying time is hard to come by (and mildly annoying).

But, you should really be doing a thorough wash at least monthly (if not more then that) with soap and water.  While brush cleaners are great for quick clean ups, they rarely get all the gunk out, especially in the hard to reach places like the base of the bristles.  But they are definitely handy to have, and us makeup artists rely on them to keep our brushes clean between clients so we don’t have to carry 300 around with us at all times.  Here are a few that come in hand sizes and are easy to use.

And check out my post on cleaning your brushes for a more in-depth how-to.

s1069947-main-Lhero sonia-kashuk-brush--sponge-cleanser


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