Wedding hair sounds super daunting, but you can master pretty much anything with a little confidence and a few supplies.  This braided updo is classy and modern and who doesn’t like a fancy braid?


Things you’ll need:
Curling iron
Hair Spray
Bobby pins
Clear elastics
TeaseCurl your hair for added body and grab a section of hair at the crown.  Spray with hairspray and tease with a comb by back-combing down to the scalp to create added volume.
braid01Next braid and secure with a clear elastic.
3braidsTake a section of hair on the right and braid, securing with a clear elastic.  Repeat on the left.
Looped_braidLoop the middle braid and pin, tucking the ends under your teased hair at the crown.
Left_braid_upPin the right braid to the left side, and pin the left side to the right.  Secure with additional pins if necessary and spritz with hair spray to secure.

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