Rodial TannerI’m not much of a sunless tanning person, but I recently had an event and wanted a little extra somthin’ to enhance my color.  Rather than deal with a professional salon, I opted for the riskier cousin and decided to DIY.  I have olive skin, so a lot of formulas give me that orange glow that I’m not really into (call me crazy).  That coupled with the drying time, icky odor and everything else that comes with doing this sort of thing at home makes it undesirable for me.  But I was introduced to the Brazilian Tan Airbrush New by Rodial and I have to say, it’s pretty darn fantastic.  The can emits a fine mist of product that gives you instantly bronzed skin.  Ideally, you should exfoliate first, and then apply in a ventilated area or in your shower stall.  One quick, continuous spray gave me a professional grade tan with not one streak. It also smelled pretty great and dried in like 2 minutes.  Fo. Reals.  You only get about 4-5 applications per bottle, but if you’re using it occasionally, then this is your jam.

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