Oh winter, how I love and hate you.  I get to break out the boots and burn the dust off my fireplace, but my skin takes a beating.  I’ve been having a hard time finding a product that keeps my face hydrated without causing breakouts.  Dry winter weather coupled with the crazy postpartum hormones equals combination skin catastrophe.  I’ve noticed that since having a baby, my skin is more sensitive as well as being dry and oily at the same time.  (Awesome…thanks hormones.)  I recently started using a face oil that I’m truly in love with and have to share.  Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Face Oil is super light but incredibly moisturizing, and gives my skin the perfect balance it needs.  I swear it’s improved my skin’s surface and diminished my pores already in 2 weeks, all while smelling like a bouquet of roses.  What? Did you say “Amazing!”? Why yes, yes it is.

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