Rita Title

The holidays are here!  Weee!  Now come the bajillian parties.  Why not spruce it up this year by going a little vintage?   I was thinking of revisiting different beauty looks of the past and decided it would be so fun to actually copy an exact photograph. (If you’ve never tried dressing up like your favorite movie star, I highly recommend it.  It’s so fun!)

So I grabbed my amazing cousin Claire (who has an equally amazing food blog called, The Kitchy Kitchen) and transformed her into different beauty icons.  This week we did Rita Hayworth.  It helps that Claire is a natural redhead, but with a few tricks, I made her into the 40’s bombshell and show you how you can get those sultry bedroom eyes. Even though it’s retro, you’ll look sophisticated and sexy.  Perfect for the office holiday party or New Year’s Eve soiree.  Just go easy on the martinis.

Check back next week for my 1950’s beauty icon look!

rita directions


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