Now that I have a baby, my hair routine is short – ok, it’s more like non-existent.  But if I’m going to dedicate precious time to my hair, I want to use products that keep it looking good for longer.  Lately, I’ve been loving a few different things that have made a big difference in my quest for the longest lasting blowout. Ever.  Here they are:

Hair Faves1. Pureology Precious Oil 
2. Living Proof Prime Style Extender
3. Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus
4. Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo
5. Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray

I know, five products for a blowout?  First of all, I only use three when I dry my hair the first day.  The other two are reserved for upkeep during the week.  I can honestly say that I can get 5 days worth of oil-free hair when I combine these products.  And I don’t have thick hair either.  I have normal to fine hair – I just have a lot of it.  So if I can go a few days in between washes and still maintain a great mane, then I’m all for it.  Here’s what I do:

First I comb through about a dime-size amount of the Prime Style Extender.  Next I spray in some Root Pump around my crown.  After combing that through, I blow dry my hair until completely dry.  (Refer to my post on how to get the best blow out for step by step instructions.)  Afterward, I put about 2 drops of the Pureology oil (I buy the travel size because a little goes a long way), concentrating on the middle of my hair down to the ends.  After a couple days, a little wave starts creeping in, which I’m happy to accept and enhance with the Oribe beach spray.  It smells amazing, which is why I choose a dry shampoo that doesn’t have a strong scent.  I spray some of the Rene Furterer at the roots on day 3 or 4, which helps absorb excess oil.  If my ends are ever feeling dry, I just add a few drops of the oil to make it silky again.  By day 5, it’s probably up in a top knot or braid, but still looks fresh!

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