Bigger is better when it comes to brows.  I love a full brow and most people need a little filler to get them in shape (so to speak).  Try to let your brows grow to their full potential before shaping them.  It’s hard to let them go, but it will pay off!

When you’re finally at the stage where you can groom, brush them up with a brow brush or a clean mascara wand and pluck just under the arch, in between your eyes, and any random strays. If you have really long eyebrows, trim with facial scissors but be careful not to go too short.  When choosing a color, make sure to go one shade darker for blondes, and one shade lighter for brunettes.  Make small, light strokes, concentrating on the areas that need a little filler.  Brushing through with an eyebrow brush will help disperse and break up the color.  Finish with a little clear mascara or spray a toothbrush with some hairspray and lightly brush through to keep in place.

In this tutorial, I show you how filling them in makes a big difference even on my sister Rachel, who has naturally full, dark brows.


Thanks to Claire Thomas, Yayo Ahumada and Rachel Glaub for helping me make this video!

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