Part two of my Halloween video posts is another one of my favorite looks.  Retro glam is super versatile when it comes to Halloween.  Wether you’re playing a Mad Men-inspired house wife, a pin up girl, or Marilyn Monroe, you’ll get a lot of milage out of this look because it can be used time and time again from real life to dress up.  To finish her hair, I simply parted it to the side, and curled it with a 1.5″ curling iron, rolling toward her face.  I then brushed it all out to create sultry waves.  Spray with a little hair spray and voila!  Instant sex pot.

This video was also featured on Racked LA today!  To see the article written by beauty and fashion writer, Natalie Alcala, go here.

A special thank you to Claire ThomasEmily Becklund, and Yayo Ahumada for helping me with this amazing video!

3 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN PART 2 – Retro Glam

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