HALLOWEEN PART 1 – Dia de los Muertos

Since Halloween is quickly approaching (and it’s my favorite holiday), I thought it would be fun to do a couple videos on Halloween makeup. My first one is Dia de los Muertos.  With all the Spanish influence this season, it only seamed appropriate – not to mention, it’s a fun and dramatic way to dress up without having to do too much of a costume.  Throw on a black dress, add a few roses in your side bun, or create a heidi braid, and you’re good to go.  You’ll be the hottest skeleton on the block!

This video was also featured on Racked LA today!  To see the article written by beauty and fashion writer, Natalie Alcala, go here.

A special thank you to Claire Thomas, Emily Becklund, and Yayo Ahumada for helping make this video!

One thought on “HALLOWEEN PART 1 – Dia de los Muertos

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