A little while back, Murad was kind enough to send me a bunch of product to test.  I’d been a fan of their line but was only familiar with the facial cleansers (which are great!) While I personally liked everything, there were a few standouts that complimented my makeup kit and that my clients loved.  These 4 superstars will give you a great foundation for applying your makeup. For cleansers, moisturizers, skin treatments, and many more (they even carry their own makeup!), you can visit their site here.
Oil-Control Mattifyier SPF 15 – This product is great.  I use this on most of my clients that tend to have oilier skin. When skin is oily, sometimes makeup can slip and slide and wear much quicker.  Putting this on before-hand helps keep the skin just matte enough without drying it out.  The fact that it has an SPF in it, makes it even better.

Hydrating Toner – Misting a bit of this toner feels and smells great. You can spray directly on the skin or use a cotton ball or sponge to gently massage in. It instantly wakes up the skin, and leaves it fresh and moisturized.

Renewing Eye Cream – This eye cream is a triple threat.  It combats puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles all in one.  It’s creamy formula isn’t too thick to put on before makeup and I like that it doesn’t come in a heavy glass container, which makes it easier to tote around in my kit.

Perfecting Serum – This is not only a primer, but a moisturizer as well.  It glides smoothly on the skin, creating a flawless base for your makeup.  It also treats lines and wrinkles (amazing!) so using this regularly will improve your complexion.  

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