I’ve never had anyone say to me “please don’t give me long, thick lashes”.  It’s usually quite the opposite.  And if you’re not blessed with spider legs on your eyelids (welcome to the normal population), adding some falsies, is the best way to achieve this.  With a little practice and a few tips, I show you how to do them on yourself, and no one will even know you’re faking it.

1. Looking down into a mirror forces your eyelids to close slightly, making it easier to apply them.
2. Place the false lash on top of your natural lash and as close to the skin as possible.
3. Adding a little bit of liner at the end will blend your lash line.
4. Since your natural lashes have mascara on them, add a bit to the tips of the falsies to mesh them together.

2 thoughts on “HOW-TO: FALSE LASHES

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