You got the cutest bathing suit and wore it all summer.  Problem is, you’re left with not-so-cute tan lines.  Getting rid of them all together isn’t going to happen, but there are ways to soften the lines over a week or two and make your skin tone more even.

Things you’ll need:
Loofa or sponge
Gradual tanning lotion
Body bronzer

Start by exfoliating.  Scrub your skin daily, concentrating on the areas with tan lines to get rid of dead skin. Just be gentle.

After cleansing, rub some of the gradual tanning lotion all over, especially on your whiter areas.  Your skin may get slightly darker all around, but your tan lines will start to blend.

If you need to speed up the process because you’re wearing something that shows a little skin, add a body bronzer.  This will give your skin a really nice glow and washes off in the shower.  Add more where needed.

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